Monday, 30 November 2015

The Serpentine King

I bow before my king
Shackles at my wrists
Bindings at my ankles
Weight upon my shoulders
A knight on my left
Another, my right
I glance upon my liege
His crooked crown a halo
To those blinded by a faith
That has long since left me
“Tis treason.
For what is the reason?”
His tongue forks
Between his lips
Like crossroads
Split where action and attrition meet
A shout from the court resounds
Barking dogs from which there is no rout
My jaw clenches
As I see a reptilian ripple agitate his flesh
Longing to shed the man suit
Under his regal robes
“Do you not defend yourself?
Is your guilt found in words so few?”
There’s honey in his hiss
Drenching his prose
In a sweet mead
More than easy to swallow
“My eyes see no illusions,” I say.
“No more sorcery, politics, all of your lies.”
A narrowing of pupils to slits
Yellow, like his belly
Then he roars with laughter
Waving a hand to the side
“What is this of which you speak?
Listen to the prattle of his!”
“You are not our King!

Not even a man,
But a serpent strangling this land!
That is why I aimed to remove your head as you slept.”
The court transforms into a zoo
Filled with asses, bitches, swine, and rat cohorts
The flanking knights howl
Hands warping into paws
Backs bending
Halberds falling
“His admissssssion!” The king stands, fangs exposed
Poison spraying, “In front of my entire kingdom!”
“When did this happen?” I cower before madness
“Animals! Beasts! No better than sheep!
What has become of my free-thinking countrymen?
Where is my liege of Divine Right?”
His skin sloughs away with his garb
A scaled serpentine king ruling over his kin
“Where there is the evil of men
No right is divine
We are but varmints
My, you have been blind.”
My bones shift
As I realize I have plenty of sins of which to atone
Fur covers my simian body
My king is not merciful
He gives the order
And the lupine knights feast like starved men upon a wild beast
Please note: The image is not mine. If someone knows who it belongs to, let me know! Thanks.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

December 2015 in Alberta’s Capital

The final month of the year brings with it the joys of the holidays and the transition between old and new with another spin around the sun. Feel the spirit of the season with each of these wonderful events, Edmonton! May you and yours have a safe, blessed, and exuberant December!
Celebrate the Season Light-Up
When: December 3rd
Location: Alberta Legislature
Bring the entire family to the grounds of the historic Alberta Legislature to kick off the month! The event will begin with a choral performance by the University of Alberta Mixed Choir, and then will end with the Premier’s ceremonial lighting of the grounds, illuminating over 300 trees with a kaleidoscope of colours! But don’t worry, there’s more than one day to take in the sights! Up until the 23rd, feel free to drop by. There will be daily choral performances at noon and 6 pm with free hot chocolate served in the Legislature rotunda during the evening. Please visit this page for details.

Butterdome Craft Sale
When: December 3rd – 6th
Location: U of A Butterdome
Come down and experience one of the biggest handmade holiday shopping events in town! On its 25th year, this amazing sale will feature over 250 Canadian artists, artisans, and designers. From fashion and home d├ęcor to natural body care and gourmet treats, there’s something for everyone on your Nice List. See this site for more!
Festival of Light
When: December 4th – 13th
Location: Edmonton Valley Zoo
Enjoy 10 days of seasonal fun at the Valley Zoo with the 3rd Annual Festival of Light! Not only will the zoo be bright with lights, but will host a variety of outdoor entertainment, free hot chocolate, skating, and winter crafts! This year will even feature the new EVZ Igloo! Click here for additional information!
Christmas Reflections
When: December 11th- 30th
Location: Fort Edmonton Park
Step into the past with Fort Edmonton Park this holiday season! Wander through time by stepping into heritage stores, tasting fresh baking from a wood stove, and mingling with costumed interpreters along the streets. Stay warm by the bonfires and sip hot chocolate or cider, but do remember to dress appropriately for the weather! Traditional horse drawn sleigh rides will present, as well, unless the temperature drops below -23 degrees. Ticket prices range between $14 and $19, with children under 2 receiving free admission. See here for details.
Star Wars Marathon Event
When: December 17th
Location: Cineplex Odeon Locations
Get ready for the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens on December 18th by watching a 17-hour run of the entire series! Check out this page for further information.

Turkey Shoot – Fantastic Four
When: December 17th at 9:30 pm
Location: Metro Cinema
Remember seeing the Fantastic Four reboot and thinking how awful it was? No? Be thankful. But, come down to experience it with all the razzing it deserves with this Turkey Shoot. Live nerd commentary, trivia, and prizes abound! Click here for details.
Saturday Morning All-You-Can-Eat-Cereal Cartoon Party!
When: December 19th at 10 am
Location: Metro Cinema
Childhood Saturday mornings are ritualistic—wake up early, get some cereal, and binge until noon. Let your inner child relive a sugar high (while you try to avoid diabetes) with this awesome event! Check out 3 hours of entertainment from the 60s to 80s, complete with vintage commercials and PSAs. Ticket prices range from $10 for kids 12 and under to $14 for adults. Admission includes cereal. Go here for further information.

New Year’s Eve Downtown
When: December 31st at 7:00 pm
Location: Sir Winston Churchill Square
Head to downtown Edmonton to this free, family-friendly event! For the kids, the festivities start at 7:00 pm with crafts, activities, magicians, balloon artists, face painters, and of course, live music! At 9:15 pm, the main stage entertainment will begin. Then, at midnight, the New Year will be rung in with a cacophony of brilliant fireworks!

2016 Edmonton International NYE Gala
When: December 31st at 7:00 pm
Location: Fantasyland Hotel in West Edmonton Mall
Supporting the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation is this grandiose event! Taking place inside the gorgeous Beverly Hills Ballroom, the evening will feature a myriad of delights including a gourmet dinner, entertainment provided by Cirque du Soleil artists, and music by award winning producer DJ Tomski! The night will also feature lots of prizes, free party favors, and of course, a party atmosphere to bring in 2016 with jubilation! Tickets start at $160. Visit this page for information!
See you in 2016, Edmonton!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Withering Undine

She flails under water
Backlit by her own waning light
Her shadow drowning with her
These depths a smothering pitch
She reaches up
Heart aching
Impossible to breathe
Mind racing
She doesn’t remember forgetting to swim
Other memories weigh her down
A cast-iron embrace
Nestling their ear to her bosom
She sinks slowly
Heart breaking
Impossible to breathe
Mind fading
She watches the illumination
Stretch farther away
Arms open in farewell
Hair a black waving fan
She closes her eyes
Heart failing
Impossible to breathe
Mind at last escaping
Note: Photograph is not mine. Couldn't find the original creator. I can give proper credit should someone know and bring them to my attention. Thanks!