Monday, 24 August 2015

Danse Macabre

I haven't been sleeping well.
Not lately, at least.
I have this reoccurring dream.
No. Nightmare.
I’m lying in my bed. I open my eyes. Drenched by cold moonlight in the darkness of my room is a figure atop my sheets. It stands at the foot of my bed, tattered white gown hanging on its rotting body. And there are others at its feet.
They’re small; feral, but unlike any animal. They’re graced with a touch of human familiarity, however bleak. They chitter with excitement, eyes red and lips curling. In their claws are chains, which they begin to flick like reins.
And then their slave moves.
At the figure’s wrists and neck are shackles with long trailing chains they pull like marionette strings. The figure sways with gruesome grace, limbs being pulled impossible angles. The dance grows feverish, crazed. It pulls against its shackles, flicking its hair back, and clawing for me.
Its face is a caricature of a woman’s, over-exaggerated and hideous, equally as rotten as its frame. Its eyes are a pitch void reflecting my fear. Her captors slacken the restraints, giggling as she gets closer and closer to me, only to yank her back last minute.
No matter how much I try to move, I can’t. So I watch, eyes wide and heart pounding. Night after night.
But last night the dream was different. Her captors dropped the chains. She fell upon me. Her eyes flicker with something other than the abyss—hope. She tears into me, literally crawling under my skin.
I can move again. I scream and flail.
And finally awaken.
I’m exhausted. But, you know, I’m feeling pretty damn good today. Like I can get up and dance this very second.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Friday Phrases: Collection No. 2: Fall 2014

Another dose of my Friday Phrases!

If you don’t know what Friday Phrases happens to be …
Every Friday, writers (or anyone so inclined) come up with a 140-character or less micro fiction, slap on a FP hashtag, and share it with the Twitterverse. There are weekly themes, however those are optional. The imagination involved is truly limitless. Well, except when it comes to pornography/erotica or promoting your own work. You'll need some other Twitter outlet for that. (But don't worry, there’s a lot!)
Check it out, make some friends, and be thoroughly entertained!
Now see below my Fall 2014 Collection!

September 12th, 2014
Shoes crunched over fallen leaves. She pulled her jacket tighter, trying to ignore the fact the shadow following her wasn't her own. #FP

October 3rd, 2014
"Hey, kid!" The rotund figure crooked a finger from behind a bush. "Yeah, you!" Humpty Dumpty threw open his trench coat, giggled, & fled. #FP
Firm, thick, & ebony. They manhandle the sticky, luscious, & ivory body between them until sweet release. #SexyOreos #FP
Plea-e don't thr-w this note away! It s--nds crazy, but Sam isn't Sam. BELI-VE ME! I saw it kill him, slip on his sk--- #FP
Shy eyes descend to hopeful lips. A cautious lean pulls into an embrace. Breath meets & skin touches for the 1st time, hearts racing. #FP

October 10th, 2014
Strong hands sink into her aching back. She sighs, pleased. The hands then creep to her neck, removing tension forever with a sharp snap. #FP

October 17th, 2014
"Wake up." He lifted her stiff hands to his lips, his breath on her grey skin. She stirred, milky eyes opening to gaze upon her master. #FP
The floor was a trail of torn clothes to the bedroom. Discarded shirts, pants, & socks lead to a mattress weighed down by a teething puppy. #FP
"Done yet?" He leers. She licks salt off the rim of her glass, taps the table. He's dragged under it screaming. "Bottoms up." She toasts. #FP

October 31st, 2014
You can hear it riding the wind when it rattles the glass in the pane. Make no mistake, that's not the wind trying to howl your name. #FP
"Please! Let me in!" She pounds on my door. I look through the peephole. She's bleeding. I rush her in. What foolish trust she has. #FP
Hand around my waist, his mouth to mine. I sink into him, not noticing the paint peel, the floor rotting, or the rising infernal flames. #FP
The black cat weaved through the forest, her mistress' shadow gliding at her paws. The handle was reserved for the shrieking meal tonight. #FP
She swirled the crimson in a fine glass. "Lovely bouquet!" After a sip, she left the body to swing, further letting into its pail. #FP

November 7th, 2014
Marble, cold & inanimate, mimicking humanity when graced by a chisel. Enviable, these statues, life-like without the burden of a soul. #FP
Flushed. Panting. Following waking dreamscapes. Deep-rooted desire making it all that much more real, but still intangible. #FP
Release. There isn't any. I build up, taut; a master pulls my strings tighter. A sweet melody growing increasingly strained until I snap. #FP
She danced at the ball, radiant, full of life. He needed to finally claim that life. Too many missed opportunities, but not tonight. #FP
Runoff sinks me into the earth. Palms & ferns obscure my curvaceous idol form. I was worshipped, now discarded, a goddess left in ruin. #FP
November 14th, 2014
His lips press against her ear. "If you-" She smirks, runs a hand down his thigh. The mugger flinches as a blade slices his femoral artery. #FP
November 21st, 2014
The darkness roiled with a fever-pitch as the sky separated. What descended from the heavens looked like a god. It was anything but. #FP
Salt in the air, wrapping around my tongue as I choke on a scream. I flail, trying to stay above water. Sea wraiths were persistent! #FP
Magnetic, that pull. Consider it a call to fate, a rise to destiny. Follow it. Before it finds you on its own terms. #FP
Ascension, Fingers tracing up my skin. Breath held captive by his touch, Released by his kiss, until made prisoner again. #FP

To see my Summer 2014 Collection, click here.
Thanks for reading and take care!
Get ready for my winter collection!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

September 2015 in Alberta’s Capital

"We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. We will welcome summer's ghost." - Henry Rollins
The quote perfectly describes summer's departure, but there is much to enjoy with the arrival of September. The change of season brings rich rusty hues, cooler days, and plenty of events to enjoy both in. Get your sweaters, step outside, and brace yourself for "Pumpkin Spice Everything," Edmonton!

Symphony in the City 2015
When: September 4th – 5th
Location: Sir Winston Churchill Square
The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and ATB Financial are bringing back this musical event Labour Day long weekend! A show will be featured each day with highlights from Disney’s Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 playing onscreen with a live orchestral accompaniment. Free of charge and family-friendly, Symphony in the City is perfect for a wonderful community experience. Head down early and save your seat! See this page for info.

When: September 5th – 6th
Location: Borden Park
Edmonton’s alternative music festival returns! An incredible lineup featuring Mother Mother, Tenacious D, Hozier, Kongos, Tokyo Police Club, and more will be rocking Borden Park.  For more information, including show schedules and ticket details, visit this site.

Edmonton Corn Maze
When: September 8th – October 18th
Location: 26171 Garden Valley Rd, Spruce Grove
Visit Edmonton’s corn maze and get lost! Wander the maze and take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to make it through over 5 kilometres of twists and turns. But there’s more! Ride the grain train, race pedal carts, fire spud guns, and have a treat at the snack shack. Click here for more!

Robust Reds – Wine Tasting, Auction and Fundraiser
When: September 11th
Location: Delta Edmonton South
Enjoy an elegant evening with the Rotary Club of Edmonton Gateway in support of the Centre for Autism Services Alberta. The night will have a wide selection of wines to sample, hor d'oeuvres to nibble on, and classical guitar to listen to. A silent auction will also take place, featuring a piece created live by an artist in attendance.  Go here for details including ticket prices and the wine list.

Ignite Edmonton Festival
When: September 9th – 10th
Location: Shaw Conference Centre
Before you arsonists start chomping at the bit, this does not involve fire. Ignite is a new initiative from Edmonton Economic Development geared towards fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity within the city. There will be team kits, breakout sessions, masterclasses, and main stage talks with global leaders, entrepreneurs, and builders. But that’s only the beginning! Come down to experience a truly interactive and engaging event aimed to make Edmonton and its leaders all they can be! See this page for more!

When: September 11th – 12th
Location: Heritage Amphitheatre
Celebrate local music, visual arts, and performance arts! Connecting creative communities within the city, this multifaceted festival is a great way to see what’s going on in the Edmonton scene. Listen to indie, hip-hop, alternative, and more! Check out artists creating graffiti on a massive freewall, shop along the vendor boardwalk, and once it gets dark, join the official after-party! Visit this site for additional information.

Kaleido Family Arts Festival
When: September 11th – 13th
Location: 118 Avenue & 90–94 Street
After 10 years, Kaleido just keeps getting brighter! Featuring music, dance, theatre, film, and visual arts that will be on streets, rooftops, and sides of buildings, imaginative delights will be everywhere! If you’d like to participate instead of be a bystander at venues, there will be workshops, too. This family-friendly event is also free, so everyone can come down to enjoy. Click here for more info!

Gorilla Run Edmonton
When: September 12th
Location: 82 Ave & 114 Street
In favor of getting weird is the Gorilla Run! This charitable run supports the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund to save the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas. Don a gorilla suit and run 5K to help a species out. Worried how to go about getting such attire? Don’t be! Your entry fee includes a gorilla suit you get to keep after the run. See here for details!

Italia with Gusto
When: September 17th
Location: David Morris Fine Cars (17407 111 Ave)
Have a delightful night out with this amazing fundraiser! Enjoy exclusive Italian wine samples, a silent and live auction, live entertainment, and delicious Italian food. All funds raised will go to supporting Edmonton’s Meals on Wheels subsidy program, including costs associated with meal transportation. For further information, go here.

Terry Fox Run
When: September 20th
Location: Hawrelak Park Site 4 by Main Parking Lot
Celebrate 35 years of raising money and awareness for cancer research with the renowned Terry Fox Run. Beginning in 1980 with the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope, Terry, who was diagnosed with bone cancer, ran an average of 42 kilometres a day for 143 days to inform Canadians the importance of finding a cure. He was forced to end his run on September 1st, 1980, when the cancer spread to his lungs. In turn, hundreds of runs happen across Canada to keep the spirit and goal of the run alive. There are no entry fees. Donations are encouraged; however there are no minimum donations required. Please visit this page for additional information.

The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo
When: September 25th – 27th
Location: 7515 118 Ave NW
The biggest pop culture convention to hit town is back for its 4th year! Check out fantastic vendors, incredible comic book artists, and a myriad of celebrities! Professional cosplayers Riddle, Nathan DeLuca, Ivy Doomkitty, and Monika Lee will be in attendance. Actors Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy), Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black), James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and many more will also be there! Tons of photo ops, panels, and chances to speak with cultural icons are just around the corner. See this site for more!

Have a fantastic September, Edmonton!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Friday Phrases: Collection No. 1: Summer 2014

I started participating in Friday Phrases ages ago after stumbling across it in my feed. When I saw the creativity and the #FP attached to each phrase, I had to check it out!
So, here's what it is:
Every Friday, writers (or anyone so inclined) come up with a 140 character or less micro fiction, slap on a FP hashtag, and share it with the Twitterverse. There are weekly themes, however those are optional. The imagination involved is truly limitless. Well, except when it comes to pornography/erotica or promoting your own work. You'll need some other Twitter outlet for that. (But don't worry, there’s a lot!)
From Friday Phrases, I've come across many writers and have formed many awesome friendships. These fun literary tidbits are a joy, so I've amassed many! In tribute, I'm going to start a collection of my FPs. I've done oodles, so this is the first of many to come.

June 27, 2014

It was hotter than hell, but he was ready to burn. This was the big hit. He readjusted, looked through the scope, and fired. Money shot. #FP
The damp grey of the fog clung to her skin. She scanned the empty street, wondering what was looking back. Hesitantly forward, she moved. #FP
There was a fire that went through his veins, freezing him in place when she smiled, gaze hot. She was elemental. And he wanted to burn. #FP

July 4th, 2014
Salt water filled his lungs and rum, his belly. He sank with his ship, watching it burn with his crew. Icy waters never felt so cold. #FP

July 11th, 2014
He spread his arms open, smirking. "You want it? Come get it." He dove. They leapt after him, no safety nets, just adrenaline. #FP
The silhouette pulled itself from the wall, waving beckoningly at the boy. That was the last time Danny made shadow puppets. #FP
Smoke filled the valley, stinging eyes and lungs.The Fire-Bringer had come. A water nymph rose from the river, pupils slit. So had she. #FP

July 18th, 2014
She bolted upright, heart racing. "That dream again," she groaned, glancing out the window, city still in ruins. "Can't it come true?" #FP
"I had that dream again." He grinned suggestively. "You were there." She slammed the knife into him. "You sure it wasn't a nightmare?" #FP
Sweat licked his goosebumps. He grabbed the sheets. Ghostly hands caressed his every inch. He had to be having that dream again. Right? #FP

July 25th, 2014
Her lips ran along the mirror, breath fogging the reflection. Opening her eyes, she saw him on the other side, eternally unfulfilled. #FP
"See that perfect ten over there?" Zeus smirked. "Turned into a swan and she was all over me." "Cool story, bro." Hades rolled his eyes. #FP
He saw his reflection through the rain-spattered window, wondering what could be as hungry he was. Snarling, he loped into the deluge. #FP
The castle yawned, lowering its bridge. Its moat was full of dead raiders, their steel reflecting light from the sun. A rich kingdom indeed. #FP

August 1st, 2014
Shooting stars flew across the night sky, long celestial tails dragging like kites. Chicken Little was a silly goose for being afraid. #FP
She snapped her fingers. The heavens parted, but it wasn't the sky that fell. They were winged creatures, descending angels. Redeemers. #FP

August 8th, 2014
Long golden hair framed her sun-kissed curves. She sang atop the rocks, beckoning the ship so it could join her collection under the sea. #FP
It watched us for hours. Crawling on the floor, slinking around corners. I kept quiet. Daddy didn't. He crawls on the floor now, too. #FP
A taste of copper on the tongue, sealed with a kiss. Hands intertwined in her hair with a sigh. She jolted awake, alone, tasting blood. #FP
There's a primal charge in every storm. It calls to us and we listen. Some cower, but those who show no fear ride with the Valkyries. #FP

August 15th, 2014
"Team Gryphon, what's your 20?"
"Topside, Hydra, at 12 o'clock!"
A winged serpent bore down on the squad, spraying pyre. "Always." #FP
Bonfire smoke intermingled with dry leaves & the chill of autumn. A broken carousel spun in the distance. The dark carnival had returned. #FP
She exhaled into the clay doll. It twitched with life and stretched its lungs with its first breath, looked up, and asked for an iPad. #FP
A knee slid between her legs, pinning her against the wall. Fingers interlaced. He leaned in for a kiss & she unhinged her hungry jaw. #FP

August 22nd, 2014
"Why was an apple forbidden?" He bit into the taut flesh. She grinned. "God said so." He began to choke & she let him meet his maker. #FP
I want it slow. Simple. My flesh against yours. Wet. Screaming. Until I split you from the inside out & find another suit to wear. #FP
"Bloody Mary!" The girls chanted 3 times in darkness, breaths bated. Words aglow etched themselves across the mirror: "Out of office." #FP
She put her little hands over her ears, wide eyes wet. There was shouting. Hitting. Shadows jerked in the hall until one fell, sobbing. #FP
"Back, sow!" The warrior readied his blade.
"I'd never put you in harm's way!" The witch winked, golems rising around him. "It's their job!" #FP

Thanks and take care, all!

Look forward to my Fall 2014 edition shortly!